Closures and tubes

At Nampak Closures, we supply the most diverse range of closures in the country.

Our closures are designed and engineered to achieve maximum product integrity and filling line efficiency, supported by technology partnerships with Portola and Bericap International.

We hold food safety and quality accreditations, namely HACCP and ISO 9001.

Products and services

Our plastic closures for HDPE and PET bottles have necks from 28mm to 45mm. Our Snap-cap and DBJ-N range of plastic closures are suitable for both PET and HDPE bottles in the dairy and fruit juice sectors. Our range also includes specialised plastic closures for CSD beverages and sports caps for water, energy drinks and other beverages.

Our award-winning DBJ-N closure provides superior leak resistance and tamper proofing. The DBJ-N has a drop down band that once opened is forced down and away from the rest of the closure which visibly reveals any tampering or faults.

Our metal closures range of twist off and press twist closures is produced at the Cape plant. These are used for sealing foods and sauces that go into glass jars including: baby food, jams, chutney, tomato sauce, beetroot and mayonnaise as well as screw top closures for wine. Our metal closures include tin plate twist off/press twist closures and Roll on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) aluminium closures.

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