Megapak crates and drums

Nampak Megapak is Africa’s leading manufacturer of plastic trays, crates and drums.

We produce a wide range of injection moulded HDPE crates available in various configurations, colours and sizes. Branding options include embossing and silk-screening. The crates are moulded from 100% recycled HDPE and are designed to be as light and strong as possible and are inter-stackable with other crates in the market.

We leverage our technical partnerships with National Container Group and Mauser for recycling, reconditioning and repair of intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, anywhere in the world.

Our crates and drums offer multi-trip usage, and are easy to clean and refurbish, making them environmentally friendly.

Products and services

Our live bird crate is lighter to handle, requires less space, reduces transport and storage space costs and provides better ventilation to poultry during transit, giving better survival rates.

The easy unclipping of these crates makes cleaning easier, reducing the risk of disease, making the removal of poultry much easier, and reducing stress during de-crating.

Our drums are UN-compliant and are used for a wide range of product applications. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 20 litre to 250 litre drums, specifications can be tailored to suit individual customers’ requirements.

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